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This article is about NPC Drones. For Player Owned Drones, see Player Drones.
A Drone from Earth
A Drone from Mars
A Drone from Gemini Station

Drones are NPC ships that deliver commodities to and from locations. Drones can be interacted with by the player through hacking, draining, boosting, and attacking. Every drone has a destination and belong to one of three locations; Gemini Station, Mars, and Earth. Interacting with any of the drones will decrease or increase your reputation depending on where the Drone is from. You can tell which location a drone belongs to based on their image and/or name initials; EA is Earth, GS is Gemini Station, and MA is Mars.

Drones can be anywhere from level 1 to level 100. When drones are hacked or attacked, you have a chance to obtain the cargo they carry.

Some drones have nicknames alongside their identification number, these drones are special versions. Some of the special drones are EA-14 SWEET BABU, EA-723 BOATY MCBOATFACE, EA-300 THIS IS SPARTA, EA-709 DESTROYER OF WORLDS, EA-101 GREEN LILLY, EA-682 SHIPPY MCSHIPFACE, EA-12 BICENTENNIAL SPARROW, EA-673 EAGLE, EA-514 LAST VENTURE...

Possible Loot

(Insert information on possible drone loot.)


Rep gains
Action Earth Mars GEM
Drain -50 Earth, +5 Mars -50 Mars, +5 Earth -50 GEM
Boost +15 Earth, -3 Mars +15 Mars, -3 Earth +15 GEM

Update History

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  • patch 01 November 2018 (Update):
    • NPC ship database implimented (2500 ships in system)


  • Drones actually contribute to the economy, they do deliver items to and from locations.
  • Mercury is the only location a drone will not deliver items to.
  • EA-723 BOATY MCBOATFACE is a reference to a real research vessel whose name was decided through a naming contest.
  • EA-300 THIS IS SPARTA is a reference of the famous movie line from 300.
  • EA-709 DESTROYER OF WORLDS is a reference to Oppenheimer's quote “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” when reciting the Bhagavad Gita.