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Energy & Processor Power

Your ship has two sources of resources at its disposal: Energy & Processor Power. These resources can be used both in tandem or apart from each other, depending on what action is being used.

From the bridge of your ship, there are several actions you can take. However, scanning is the first action you’ll ever take. You can perform a long-range scan, or you can scan for debris.

Scan for Debris

Scanning for debris is simply a short-range scan searching for debris near your ship. A debris scan cost 5 processor power and upon finding debris, you can transfer it to your cargo bay, providing you have enough space for the salvaged cargo.

Long Range Scan

A long range scan shows you a selection of ships within range. The number of scan results can be increased with scan mods. After performing a scan you’ll see NPC ships as well as any player ships in the area:

A Screenshot of the Sensor Range panel

Initial scan results will display ship designations and levels. Special labeling is applied to pirate ships. Be aware, pirate ships are more powerful and have significantly better gear than transport drones.

You can either scan the specific ship or attempt to hack it for information (If hacking quest on Gem has been accepted). Hacking costs 15 processor power(reduceable with mods) while a deeper scan does not cost any additional processor power.

If you scan an individual ship, you’ll be brought to your ship’s Sensor Terminal screen where you’ll be able to gather more information about your target including, the ship’s heading, current defensive capabilities, the ship’s level, and how much cargo is on board.

A Screenshot of the Sensor Terminal

From here you can attack the ship, drain the ship’s engines, or boost the ship’s engines. Each action costs 10 energy and has different results.

Attack Ship

You attempt to intercept the ship and engage in combat. If combat is initiated, you’ll have 20 turns to disable the ship before it escapes. Disabled ships reward you with XP, money, surviving cargo, and a chance for a random mod to drop.

Note: If you attack a ship, you will lose reputation with that ship's faction but gain reputation with that faction's enemy. For example, in the event of attacking an Earth ship, your Mars rep will increase and vice versa.

Drain Engines

You drain the target’s engines, increasing their arrival time by one minute while decreasing your own arrival time by one minute. The idea is that you’re sapping the target’s engine power and transferring it to your own ship. This action will lower your rep with the target ship, but increase rep with their enemy. Draining ships will give you XP.

Boost Engines

This action will boost the target’s engines, decreasing the target’s arrival time. This action has no effect on your own ship, however, the XP and rep gains are greater for boosting than draining.

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