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This page contains the full list of all announced features and updates and the production statuses.


Kickstarter Art Project PRIMARY

The Kickstarter campaign will come to a close on April 29th 9:00 CST. The project is funded at $5,300 / $5,000.

These are the estimated assets that will be created from the KS project:

  • Items / mod tiles - x100
  • New characters - x3
  • 3/4 view of ships - x20
  • Expanded location-based art - 18-20

PVP Mechanic Rework DISCUSSION

Septimus has proposed and mapped out a rework of the entire PVP system. I think it has a ton of potential and is currently being fleshed out here.

Ship Location Rework SECONDARY

The ship location will change from an ETA system to a physical location system, allowing for additional, future systems to be implemented (blockades, pvp instances, etc.).

Trainable Crew

Train crew and send them on missions.

Engineering Upgrade

The engineering department on Gemini Station will totally revamped and will have deep meaning.

Future Initiatives

Guild Ships

Mobile guild bases.


Stationary, upgradeable player bases.


These are the stories that are currently being worked on.

High Hopes PRIMARY

Part 5 (level 23) is being mapped out.

The Art of Diplomacy

This story has been completed and all parts are currently live.

Space for Reckers

This story has been completed and all parts are currently live.

Agents of GemSec SECONDARY

Part 1 (level 2) is being mapped out.


Part 1 (level 4) is being mapped out.


PRIMARY - This is the primary project being worked on.

DISCUSSION - This project is actively being discussed.

SECONDARY - This project is being developed, but is not the primary project.

Pilot Submissions

This section is for pilots to post ideas. Any idea posted that will be considered in the near(ish) future will be moved to the lists above. Don't be sad if your idea get's deleted, it'll still get added to Nor's pile of ideas.

Example Post

Name of Idea (Sub-heading 2)

Description of idea (paragraph)

Drone Connections

Submitted by Ameeleeaan,

You can use drones to hack locations.

Scout Love

Spearheaded by Lancer

Gib scout love aka better hacking evasion intel ee stuff.