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The JayCo Tanker is one of the four tier IV reputation ships in Gemini Station. The Jayco Tanker is classified as a Freighter, coming stock with a massive 100 cargo space and shielding!

JayCo Tanker Stats

Stat Value
Target Rating 0
Armor 3,000
Attack -500
Damage 0
Damage Reflection 0%
Shield Recharge 0 / turn
Critical Chance 5%
Engine Efficiency -50%
Threat +0%
Cargo Space / Shielding 100/100
Stat Value
Evasion Rating 0
Damage Reduction 0%
Defense 25
Hack Rating 0
Heat Resistance 2,000
Intel 0%
Salvage 0%
Sensor Scan 0
Shields 3,000
Shield Boost 0% (Max: 0.00)


To obtain the JayCo Tanker you need to be level 60 to have access to the hangar feature, have 100,000 reputation with Jupiter, and have completed Theo's Grand Vision story. The Tanker can be bought at Jupiter from the Tanker Dock for 75,000,000 money after completing all pre-requisites.

Class Specific Mods

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  • The JayCo Tanker is the only rep ship that did not release with the hangar feature.
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  • update 17 June 2020 (Update):
    • JayCo Tanker The JayCo Tanker has been released alongside a reputation and quest pre-requisite.