Engineering District

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Fabricators can only be activated if you have acquired the corresponding blueprint.

For Game Interface, see Game_Interface#Engineering District.

You must have the required items stored in your warehouse to activate a fabricator.

    • The fabrication system on Gemini Station has been reworked. Pilots must now obtain blueprints either from specific locations and/or completing daily missions.
    • Blueprints must be activated on Gemini Station in order to install the fabricator.
    • You can have a maximum of 10 fabricators installed at a single time.
    • Uninstalling a fabricator destroys it and the blueprint used to install it. If you wish to reinstall a fabricator, you must obtain the blueprint again.
    • Completed dailies will reward a blueprint that can be any level, regardless of your pilot's skill.
    • 600+ blueprints have been added to the system.


The old formula of conversions only included general trade goods, miscellaneous garbage, and tier 1-5 mod components. The Engineering District sometimes has you scrambling in to continue a storyline. It appears much more often than you think.