Crew Lounge

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Unemployed co-pilots gather here, hoping a player will hire them. Co-pilots have varied abilities so choose carefully. They're not cheap and you can have up to three co-pilots employed at a time, but only one staffed on your ship at a time. Money spent on hiring co-pilots is not returned if you fire them. Note that each pilot is unique, so it is possible to run out of pilots of a kind if the demand is high enough.

To unlock the Crew Lounge, player must achieve a level 10 or higher. Additional crew members unlock at levels 20, 30, 40, and 50. The Crew Lounge can be found by visiting the Gemini Station location, in the section under Gemini Station Facilities.

Your ship will only benefit from the stats of the co-pilot who is travelling with you. You have the ability to hire up to three crew members.


There are multiple categories of crew members you can hire: Scavenger, Smuggler, Spy,Hacker, and Navigator.

Hiring one of these bottom feeders increases your Salvage Chance

Employing scum like these increases your Evasion

These creepers help to increase the Intel you gain from successful hacks.


Carrying aboard a hardened bounty hunter increases your targeting rating.

These people might be covered in cheeto dust, but they certainly know their way around a computer. Hire one of these to increase your Hacking stat.


The tried and true copilot. The Navigator knows how to squeeze the last ounces of speed out of most shuttles. They increase your Engine Efficiency stat.

Logistics Officer

Good at organizing your cargo bay. They increase your Cargo Space stat.


Every hour, the crew in the lounge leave and 30 random crew take their place. There are significantly fewer Logistic Officers (+cargo space) than any other crew. They are also significantly more expensive.