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Gemini Station's Hangar Bay allows pilots to rent hangar space to store additional ships at level 60.

Costs and Upkeep

Weekly upkeep must be paid for each hangar bay to keep them active. Upkeep payments can be made via the Pilot > Ledger menu. Payments can be made to your station upkeep account regardless of balance. A negative balance will appear as a credit from which future upkeep payments will be applied.

The weekly upkeep cost for your first hangar is $25,000. The upkeep cost is increased for each additional hangar bay you purchase.

Hangar Purchase Price Weekly Upkeep Cost
1st $100,000 $25,000
2nd $100,000 $50,000
3rd $100,000 $75,000


  • The weekly upkeep cost of each subsequent hangar bay is equal to the cost of the previous hangar bay + $25,000.
  • The purchase price for each hangar bay is $100,000, regardless of the number of hangars owned.
  • There is no limit to the number of hangar bay a pilot can purchase.
  • All ship's but the one activated will be locked if the pilot's upkeep balance reaches or exceeds $250,000.


  • The release of Hangars brought forth an exploit where a loadout would persist when switching ships. It was quickly patched after being reported.
  • Originally the concept for Hangars was meant to not be a level 60 feature.