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Token wiki v2.png One Small Wiki Favor

Earn REWARD PENDING & Wiki Tokens by helping the wiki!

One Small Wiki Favor is a project to improve the Gemini Station Wiki, where wiki users can contribute to a number of ongoing wiki tasks to help improve the wiki and earn in-game rewards. Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you're completely new to the wiki or you've been here for a while. If you have not edited before, then this is a great time to get involved!

Every so often, we'll post new tasks below. Think of them as editing bounties. By helping us complete any of them, you can be rewarded with a REWARD PENDING or Wiki Tokens, depending on how much you contributed.

You can jump straight in with any of the tasks below, and then let us know when you're ready for us to check your contributions.

Once we've checked your contributions, your name will be added to our tracking page, along with what reward you've earned. You can then either ping the @oswf-helper role on our Discord server, or leave a message on the talk (discussion) page, to find someone who is available to give you your reward.

To participate in this project, take a look at the tasks below and find one that looks exciting. Each task has some advice on how to effectively tackle it, but we strongly recommend joining the #wiki channel in our Discord to coordinate with other editors, and discuss the project. If you do not wish to create a discord account you get help via the talk (discussion) page or by contacting the co-ordinator via their talk page.

Token wiki v2.png Tasks

This section was last updated: 14:02, 16 September 2022 (UTC) by Banri.
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Creating Pages for Every Mission in Gemini Station

This is an extensive project which requires Mission Pages, Quick Guides, Transcript Pages to be created.

This is an extensive project which will require a huge collaboration effort from many players who play the game. The full details of this project is to big to place here, see here for the missions project page.
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File Organization NEW!

File Organization & Licensing

Organizing all image files uploaded to the wiki directory by categorizing and applying the correct licensing on relevant files.

There are alot of uncategorized and unlicensed image files that need to be sorted and licensed to make things much cleaner and easier to find. There will also be once this project is done, a new directory which will provide the ability to search specific categories to locate images much faster.
  1. Visit: Special:UncategorizedFiles and Category:Missing license subject then pick an image file to begin.
  2. Read the documentation of Template:License
  3. View both File:Neptune_main.jpg and File:Freighter token.png, edit the source to get a finished example to see how it work in action.
  4. Make sure to document which images you have personally categorized and licensed so admins know how best to reward you. Admins will need to see the list of all the images you have done so make to write them down or keep track of your progress on your personal userpage.
  5. If you need help, you can contact the helper for this task in Discord, by pinging oswf-helper role.
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Image Transparency NEW!

Removing background from Images

Taking certain images and adding a transparent background by removing the black background and blue lines.

There are several free image editors out there that will help accomplish this task if one does not own Photoshop. Please save images as PNG, package them into a zip file and upload it to Discord in the #oswf channel and @mention oswf-helper role in the message.

Free Programs

  • GIMP
  • Pixlr X

Images Needing Transparency

  • Item Images from Galactic Market
  • Ship Images
  • Token Images
  • Character Images
  • Planet Images
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Patch Note Rework

Reworking patch note pages to the new format.

With the new format for the Patch Note pages, All the current patch note pages need to be redone.

To start this task, Navigate to this page, and view its source. The new format is the {{Patch Notes}} template and also the context div box for the patch notes message. At the bottom of the page is the correct categorization. Note that patch notes from 2019 need to be categorized to 2019 and so on, this will categorize them correctly by year so it shows up automatically on 2020 page where all all the patch notes will be sorted chronologically by day and month automatically using a DPL. Be sure to also watch for the title of the page, Banri modified the code that runs this wiki to be able to hide the Update: namespace so the page only reads Patch Notes: (date). You will also notice that the date is grey and abit smaller, this was the intended goal when hiding the namespace. If after submitting the final change with the patch notes template included and the namespace is still there...force it to hide by using {{Display title}}.
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Redirects and Disambiguation

Redirect Pages need to be made

Browsing the wiki needs to be smooth for users coming to the wiki for answers to questions or to browse what type of content Gemini Station has. Ensuring that they get to the destination their searching for is majorly important.

To start this task, follow the steps below:
  1. Familiarize yourself with how Redirecting works by reading the guide here.
  2. Familiarize yourself with how Disambiguation works by reading the guide here, and also the template documentation linked on the page.
  3. Read the documentation of Template:Shortcut. This template works with shortened names and abbreviated for redirects on the wiki.
  4. Every page the wiki needs some form of redirect or disambiguation, this ensures users are getting to the right pages they are searching for.
Note: It can also help to keep track of the Special:RecentChanges page to see if new pages by Noresist are made, or by other users and check to see if it needs shortcuts, redirects and other forms of formatting.
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Update history

Add the patch notes from different updates to relevant pages

One of our newest (and most ambitious) projects is to document information about how game updates have affected content over time. Some editors are currently working through old patch notes and copying them on to pages of content that was affected by each patch.

This information is organised chronologically in a new section called "Update history" which is being added to pages. You can help by doing this for the patch notes listed below. There is a project page which explains how to add in a new patch note here.

Here's some that we have not been done yet: The List

Please mark them off on both pages when you're done!
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NPC dialogue

Transcribe NPC dialogues onto the wiki.

This is a brand new wiki project that has a goal of having every storyline dialogue transcribed onto the wiki. More Details Being Added Soon

Help us by creating transcript pages and add the dialogue for an NPC Story Character. Our style guide on transcripts contains information on how to style these pages appropriately.
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Template Data

Adding TemplateData to templates.

Adding TemplateData to all templates which are missing TemplateData.


Each and every template on this wiki must be made ready for Visual Editor which will be coming soon as Mediawiki itself fixes the bug that causes it to stop working on pages which already were made. Currently as of 10.09.2020, Noresist and I tested the Visual Editor and it works only on new pages being created and not existing ones, so we will need to wait until its patched. During this time, we can start adding TemplateData to all existing templates.

To start this task, visit this page to see a tutorial on how to go about adding the TemplateData. There is also a link there to all templates which are missing said TemplateData. That page does not need to be checked off when you finish with one, because the list is generated by a dynamic page list (or DPL) from the DynamicPageList3 Extension.


  • You must have a wiki account and cannot be blocked. Anonymous edits will not count. You can sign up for a wiki account at Special:CreateAccount.
  • You can claim two REWARD PENDING over each two week period that tasks are active.
  • The reward for completion of each task is one REWARD PENDING or a selected amount of wiki tokens unless specified otherwise. If multiple editors contribute to a finite goal then the prize may be split between them.
  • You may be awarded an amount of in-game money if you work on a goal but do not do the full amount of work required to earn the primary reward. The amount of in-game money received will be equal to the percentage of the task being completed. You must do at least 25% of the total task to claim a reward.