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There are several types of guild wars a guild can initiate against another guild.

Search & Destroy War (S&D)

  • S&D wars will begin 24 hours after war declaration is made.
  • S&D wars last 3 days.
  • Points are awarded for each kill.
  • The number of points awarded for each kill is equal to the defeated player’s level. (Level 10 = 10pts, level 60 = 60pts, etc.)
  • Which ever guild has the most points after 3 days wins.
  • The winning guild must have more than 3,000 points or the S&D war will end in a stalemate.
  • Winning guild receives 1 GP, 1,000 Guild XP.
  • Losing guild receives 0 GP, 250 Guild XP.

Trade War

The objective of a trade war is to out-sell the competing guild. You can sell goods go any location excluding Gemini Station.


A trade war will begin 24 hours after it is declared. Once started, the warring guilds have 72 hours to earn the most sales points.

Scoring (Sales Points)

One (1) point is rewarded for each item sold to a location--regardless of sale price, or item size. Sales made to more distant locates are worth more points:

Location Points / Item
Earth 1
Mars 1
Jupiter 4
Eris 15
Mercury 10
Gemini Station 0


A progress bar on the Guild > War! page will show the progress of the current war.


  • Winning Guild: 1 Guild Point and 1000 Guild XP
  • Losing Guild: 250 Guild XP

Cyber War

Currently being developed :)

War Restrictions

  • You cannot declare the same type of war on a guild that you are already engaged in (example: Guild A declares Trade War on guild B. Guild B cannot declare a Trade War on Guild A)
  • You cannot be in more than 5 trade wars at one time.
  • You cannot declare war on a guild that has fewer than 5 members than your guild.
  • You cannot declare war on a guild whose average member pilot level is +- 10 levels from your guild's pilot average.