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Missions are groups of interrelated tasks, usually involving a storyline, that can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or even a few days to complete.

As of March 16, 2021, there are a total of 76 missions available for players to complete.

List of Missions

Types of Missions

Mission Campaign

This would be considered the Main Story Campaign (MSC). The majority of the mission series are based on traveling and some combat.

Main Story

The main story that runs through level 1-60 is typically noted in your Missions Log in gold/yellow.


Several interludes occur during the main story. Interludes within the main story are short breaks between the action. You can progress through the interlude by leveling up (when noted), or by returning to normal game play. Typically buying or selling items will trigger the progress through an interlude to the next chapter.

General Missions

A general mission is the most common type of mission in Gemini Station. These can be found anywhere so look carefully. The most common locations for general missions are in observation decks and store. Missions can have one or multiple steps to complete, and can include all sorts of tasks. General Missions are ranked from very easy(only requiring a few minutes)to very hard(may take a few days to accomplish). Some general missions are class specific, so not all missions listed may be accessible.

Story Missions

A story mission is a long form mission that progresses the lore through dialog. In story missions, we get a more in depth view into the reoccurring characters that make up Gemini Station lore. In addition to the dialog, there is a mission component that can require anything from trade to hacking. Each story arc has it's own mission requirements. At the completion of a story you are rewarded with Reputation, Money, Experience, and sometimes powerful Mods.

Daily Mission

A daily mission is a repeatable mission each new day. The day begins on server time 12:00am. Each faction has their own set of daily missions. They can be either trade, combat, or hacking based. The reward for completion is Experience, Reputation, Money, and Tokens. The difficulty of each mission determines the amount of the reward.

Repeatable Missions

A repeatable mission is a mission that can be played over and over again so a player could experience the story again or explore different paths based on a choice.