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You are on a page that contains a major amount of spoilers for the game. Proceed at your own risk.
Run Away!


The Outlands are a vast stretch of space in a distant galaxy on the fringes of Allegiance space. Packed with hidden, powerful alien tech, new resources and intel that will help defend Gemini Station from the growing Allegiance threat, Outlands space is a dangerous, ever-changing environment. But powerful mods and valuable resources are can be discovered and claimed by only the most dedicated and skilled pilots.


The Outlands are filled with hundreds of Allegiance Nodes––or Space Points, if you're Suros––connected by hundreds of subspace lanes. These connected lanes can only be discovered if the Node has been activated. Your ship will then be able to perform a scan of the area from the Galactic Map view.


Node Discovery

Nodes can be discovered by performing a scan from the Galactic Map page at an activated Node. Nodes typically will be connected to at least one other node, but sometimes they lead to dead ends. Supergates always have 5 nodes connected to it.

Scan Mechanics

Every node has a discovery difficulty rating, typically between 5-100. When you perform a scan, a D100 + installed Sensor Scan Result mods roll occurs. If the results of that roll beat the connected, but undiscovered node's difficulty rating, an alert will appear under the scan progress bar. When the page is reloaded, the node and subsequent space lane will appear as a location you can travel to.

Scan Costs

Scanning costs 1 Processor per attempt.

Sensor Range in the Outlands

The sensor range mechanic that is in place for the Jupiter, Eris, Mercury, and Venus space lanes is not active for Outlands subspace lanes. It probably has something to do with the wibbly wobbly timey wimey...subspace lane stuff.

Activating Nodes

A node must be activated by transferring energy cells from your ship's cargo hold to the node. Once started a node will use energy until it runs out of energy, which then it enters low-power mode.

Energy Start

Each node has its own requirement of how many energy cells are needed to activate it. The number ranges from 1 (very common) to 500 (rare) and in extremely rare cases, the energy cell requirement can reach as high as 5,000.

Energy Usage

Once activated, a node will use X number of energy per hour. Typically, a node will use 1 energy per hour. They can however use energy as much as 10 to a whopping 100 in some/few nodes. Nodes that have had energy cells transmitted, but have no yet reached the threshold for activation, will not consume energy.

Energy Cell to Energy Ratio

Once a node has been activated, additionally submitted energy cells will increase the node's energy reserves by 10. (1:10 ratio)


One (1) Gemini Station reputation is awarded for each energy cell transferred to a node.

Station Facilities

Every node has a tech level (1-5) that dictates the station facilities available at that node. Each level includes the station facilities of lower levels.

Level Header text
None (1) Nothing.
Limited (2) Caches of Energy Cells may be discovered and claimed.
Basic (3) Currently same as Limited.
Full (4) Ship's armor and shields are fully restored.
Advanced (5) Supergate is present.


Some advanced or full station facilities may contain previous levels. Example being a advanced supergate that has a cache of energy cell. Advanced nodes also repair your armor and shields.



Various mods can appear throughout the Outlands. All mods are level 60.

Random Mod

Twenty five percent (25%) of the nodes in the Outlands can contain a random mod. Every hour, there is a 25% chance that a mod will appear at one of those locations. If a mod is already preset at a node, the mod is unchanged. Once a mod is claimed, it is removed from the location and after an hour, there is a 25% chance that another random mod will appear.

Outlands Mods

There are many Outlands-specific mods that have been created and will appear at set nodes. These mods are all tier 400 mods and are located on nodes that are difficult to discover.

Legendary Mods

There are at least three tier 600 mods that can be acquired. These mods are located on nodes that are extremely difficult to discover.

Mod Notes

All Outlands specific mods and Legendary mods are single-equip, non-tradable, very slow cooldown, and have a low resale value. This combination makes mod-camping for a specific mod a waste of your time. However some mods acquired in the Outlands can be sold, making mod scavenging somewhat profitable. It still relies on luck though.


There are a few options to use in the Outlands. In the Galactic Map, here are the options: Preform Scan- Your ship will scan for a node. Center- If you wander too far in the map, the center button will center the map back to your ship. Return to Ship- Sets the page to geministation.com/ship Activate Beacon/Confirm Beacon- An emergency beacon for... emergencies probably. Either because you want to go back to the Solar System or you hit a dead end really far away from a supergate. Upon usage, you will be sent to Gemini's Breach. The emergency beacon does not have a cooldown between uses. Plot- With supporter status, you can type down nodes in order to get to a specific node without having to repeatedly click on the nodes between. Long range scanning is useless in a node, as it does basically nothing. Salvaging is possible but it is unlikely you will get items from salvaging on a node.