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Upkeep is ongoing costs required by some services.

The upkeep is charged into the ledger with these services charging upkeep every week(12 AM Monday server time).

Features Requiring Upkeep

Current features that require upkeep:

Future features that will require upkeep:

  • Guild Ships (DEV)
  • Crew (As of right now crew is a one time payment taken directly from your money.)


Upkeep payments can be made via the Pilot > Ledger menu. Payments can be made to your station upkeep account regardless of balance. A negative balance will appear as a credit from which future upkeep payments will be applied.


Various services will become unavailable if your upkeep balance reaches or exceeds $250,000. These services also limit what you can do, such as restricting ability to use drones or have your harvesters function normally.