Light Freighter

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The Light Freighter is one of the three starting ships in Gemini Station. It's main purpose is to carry cargo and thus has a bigger base Cargo Space Attribute than the other two starting ships; Scout and Fighter. As the Light Freighter is considered a Freighter; it has access to specific class restricted mods.

Light Freighter Stats

Stat Value
Target Rating 75
Armor 200
Attack 0
Damage 5
Damage Reflection 0%
Shield Recharge 0 / turn
Critical Chance 5%
Base Speed 50
Threat +50%
Cargo Space / Shielding 15/15
Stat Value
Evasion Rating 0
Damage Reduction 0%
Defense 1
Hack Rating 10%
Heat Resistance 0
Intel 0%
Salvage 0%
Sensor Scan 3
Shields 200
Shield Boost 25

Class Specific Mods

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