Gemini Station

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Gemini Station in all its splendor
Gemini Station's Hanger
Gemini Station viewscreen pov


Gemini Station is the new center of the solar system

Gemini Station is the new center of the solar system. The station is home to nearly a million people, ranging from station techs and business owners, to shipwright and government officials. Gemini Station is the best place to upgrade your ship, sell goods, craft mods, hire co-pilots, and make a name for yourself.

Gemini Station has the following districts and services available to pilots:

Gemini Sentinel

The Sentinel is Gemini Station's prized ship and one of the four tier IV reputation ships. Designed as much for patrolling Gemini-controlled space as well as dark-op missions, the Sentinel is packed with features that'll fill both fighter and scout pilots with envy.

An all-around combat and scouting vessel, the Sentinel was designed to find trouble, start trouble, and end trouble. While boasting of both fighter and scout abilities, the Sentinel is technically classified as a scout ship.

Gemini Drone

A well-rounded, versatile drone option, the Gemini Drone boasts are larger cargo hold than typical drones, and allows the carrying of M-sized goods. The increased cargo bay and cargo rating is likely why this drone is the most expensive drone on the market.


Tech Specialization

Primary Exports

Primary Imports

Full List

Export Cargo Size USUAL* Price Max Amount
Empty Gas Cylinders S $75
Empty Shipping Containers XL ~$14,400 Currently unknown
Import Usual* Price
Energy Cell ~$225
General Purpose Scanner ~$117
General Trade Goods ~$50
Hydrogen ~$410
Martian Foods $100
Medical Supplies $75
Miscellaneous Garbage $25
Small Helium Canister ~$200
Water ~$101

Gemini Station import prices tend to fluctuate. GEM's market can quickly crash due to mass sell of items. This is why most items(except for food, garbage, and water) can vary from 20-700 dollars. (Credit to Danse Macabre for revamping the economy on Jupiter first)

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