Patch Notes (25 January 2021)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this news post of the Gemini Station website. It is copyrighted by The Developer.
These Patch Notes were announced on 25 January 2021.

In an effort to reduce the increased smuggling activity in the system, factions have united in an effort to stop the trade of illegal items, chiefly: Mothite–A highly combustible substance made from dehydrated, ground space moths. Security forces from each faction are now actively patrolling space lanes at random, searching for this illegal substance.

Unfortunately, some import workers at these factions sometimes choose to illegally purchase Mothite from pilots carrying the substance at extremely high price. We would therefore like to remind all pilots, that any ship found transporting Mothite will have those items spaced, their engines drained, and a significant loss of reputation with that faction.

Thank you for your continued adherence to official System law.

3.0.1 SMUGGLING (1/25/2021)


  • A new, illegal item: Mothite has been added to the game.
  • Mothite can be obtained.
  • Mothite can be illegally sold to factions at various times for a very high profit.
  • Faction security ships are actively scanning for ships carrying Mothite and will penalize any pilot found carrying the item.
  • The full mechanics can be found here: Smuggling


  • Added Crit Chance to the cockpit screen.
  • Updated color balance on Gem’s hangar artwork.
  • A toggle-able button has been added to the main ship mod screen that shows your ship’s stats. No more having to go back to the cockpit for an update.

Random Events

  • Added random security scans of your ship.
  • Added random pirate activity. Pirates will randomly drop cargo into your hold if you have space.


  • The Art of Diplomacy Pt. 7 is available on the Pinnacle at Gemini Station at level 46.


  • Callsigns in assaults now link to the corresponding pilot.


  • The guild ledger positive/negative formatted has been reworked to match the pilot ledger. Money deposited will now appear as a positive deposit to the account while upkeep charges will appear as a negative.


  • Drone arrival alerts can be enabled on a per-drone basis. Alerts will appear in your ship’s log when enabled. Alerts can be enabled on the drone mange page.



  • Defeating level 100+ drones in the Outlands gives additional rewards:
  • +4 more GI / kill.
  • Between $5,000 - $5,500
  • 10% chance to gain a faction mark
  • Changed the color of the ‘click here to update map’ link from white to green for increased readability.


  • Fixed a display bug related to sectors assaults.
  • Fixed a bug where drones could not sell all their goods to a location.
  • Fixed a major exploit related to mods.
  • Fixed a bug where guild ledger balance was not correctly being displayed.
  • Fixed several misspellings.
  • Fixed a bug where drones could reach level 61.