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Skye's Portrait

Skye is a Junior Controller Grade 1 aboard Jupiter Station. She has aspirations of one day becoming a pilot, but for now she's content to climb JayCo's corporate ranks. Skye's has a interest into science and also somewhat thinks ahead, planning in the event a mishaps occurs. Skye also cares deeply about her role and image, with one of the first things you do is to 'correct' something for Skye.


High Hopes( part 1) - Jupiter - Observation Deck

High Hopes( part 2) - Jupiter - Observation Deck

High Hopes (part 3) - Jupiter - Observation Deck

High Hopes (part 4) - Jupiter - Observation Deck

High Hopes (part 5) - Jupiter - Observation Deck

High Hopes (part 6) - Jupiter - Observation Deck

Other missions such as trade or hacking dailies include Skye.


  • Skye's art was different originally, the current version was updated by Siege Heart.
  • Skye is the first character to feature a location's flag.
  • Skye is a controversial character as of recent updates, as multiple people from the Gemini Discord call out on Skye for her irrational ideas, including one where Skye sends you from planet to planet in a loop, another where a reference for 'eliminating the competition' was thrown in a mission and also being indirectly accused of pirate affiliations.
  • Nor has stated that Skye's wants to conduct science and protect Gemini Station.

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