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Charles 'Charlie' Suros is the director of the outpost on Eris. Together with his longtime friend, Cav, Suros designs some of the most cutting edge mods available in the system.


Originally one of the lead mod designers on Gemini Station, Suros lead a team of brilliant minds and reported to Ganther. After a time, Suros began to chafe under Ganther's leadership, feeling that the engineer was holding him back.

Suros' incredulous grew when Ganther began limiting what types of mods Suros' team could produce and began placing restrictions on materials and components that could be used.

Eventually Suros, along with a small team––including longtime friend, Cav––broke away from Gemini Station and reopened a long-abandoned ice mine on Eris.

It's also rumored that Suros runs a highly illegal black market, selling unlicensed mods in exchange for intel.


Suros' old girlfriend was crazier than a bag of cats. It took every ounce of his considerable intellect to avoid her after the breakup.