Loco’s guide to the Galaxy

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Welcome to the game fellow spacefarer!

It takes a certain amount of insanity to end up here, rest assured, it is going to be a legendary journey. To help you through the early phases of the game, here are some of my personal and favourite tips:

  • Do the tutorial, it will get you quite familiar with the game mechanics.
  • You do not need to worry about NPC or Pirates attacking you? They won’t ! Other players might attack you, and you might end up doing the same, mainly because of missions or guild wars.
  • Boosting players along with traveling and trading stuff on location is your main XP source.
  • You get far more XP when boosting, than draining. Also if you drain, do it on NPCs, not players, unless you have a mission that tells you to do so.
  • If you drain a player, he/she might drain you back, and you both have gained nothing in terms of travel speed, and less xp compared to a mutual boost.
  • All classes, scout, freighter and fighter have strengths and weaknesses. It evens out later on in the game, so dont worry too much about the differences. Scouts have a rough start in terms of cargo running, but eventually will be stockpiling space cheddar through hacking.
  • Keep in mind, that this is a grinding game for sure. But one you don't have to pay attention to 24/7, you can easily leave it be, and won’t lose anything from this.
  • If you like the game, support it by spending $5 on a supply crate, which unlocks direct travel, along with other goods, so you don't have to visit Gem everytime you go somewhere.

But you don't have to buy it ! The game can be played at your own pace without spending money ;) (Supply crates stack, each adding 30 days duration)

  • In the beginning, do Eris travels before you go to sleep, those long trips are best spent sleeping in biopods ;) Bring energy cells to Eris, they so value them.
  • Your main focus on mods, when you get that far, is cargo space (c) and engine efficiency (ee).
  • Have a look at the Galactic Market / wiki, shows where items are sold and bought.
  • Join the official discord, a lot of activity, great folks from around the globe, all eager to help with any question you might have.
  • To get the most out of the gaming experience, read the mission texts, a lot of great lore and stories are tied together.

PRO TIP: If you drain, because you want to reach a location faster. You know you knockoff 1 min per drain. So draining while 2:05 minutes left, you still have 1:05 left. However, if you wait till there is less than 2 minutes, say 1:55 minutes, you will reach destination in one drain ;)

Think of Gem as the space station it is, a needlepoint, but also your personal base for stockpiling, mod crafting, auction house, hiring co-pilots etc.

  • Missions can be found on every page on every location. It's kinda a little scavenger hunt to find them, so make sure to tab through the different pages on sites. You can have a maximum of 10 active missions, not including daily missions.
  • Each faction / location has its own reputation system, don’t put too much thought into this early on.
  • If or when frustration hits you, bear in mind, the game is very young. Official launch was January 1st 2020. So you have joined us just in time, to help make this game a truly wonderful experience.

The developer is always busy improvings the game and adjustments.

This guide was written by Der Locoführer