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Engine Efficiency (EE) value is the % of your base speed, that gets added to your base speed, to equal your total speed. The formula for your speed is your Ship's Base Speed + (Ship Base Speed X EE%). If your base speed is 30 M and and you have 50%ee then your final speed is 30 + 30 X 0.5 = 45 M.

There is no cap on Engine Efficiency (Nor has stated he is not responsible for seizures caused by the new speedometer animations). Engine Efficiency can be increased by Engine, Utility, Sensor Mods, and sectors Boosts. Furthermore, every ship has a different based in M/min, but ships no longer have base Engine Efficiency values.

Ship Base Speeds


  • Light: 50 M
  • Standard: 53 M
  • Assault: 57 M
  • Tempest: 60 M


  • Recon: 60 M
  • Support: 65 M
  • Overwatch: 70 M
  • Harbinger: 75 M


  • Light: 50 M
  • Medium: 50 M
  • Heavy: 50 M
  • Cerberus: 50 M

Rep Ships

  • JayCo Tanker: 20 M
  • Gemini Station Sentinel: 50 M
  • Terran Dreadnought: 50 M
  • Martian Crusader: 60 M
  • Wasp: 150 M

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