Loco's guide to countering the encounter

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Loco's guide to countering the encounter

This guide relies on only 3 stats.

Attack, Defense and Damage.

It aims to give you the tools to make a build that will allow you to never miss and never get hit, while being capable of dealing enough damage to finish the encounter within the allotted 15 minutes (90 attacks)

Instead of just giving you the values for each encounter, I prefer the hands on approach.

Step one: Enter any given encounter. Start by adding the NPCs shields and armor to a total number (HPnpc)

Step two: Attack the Boss if there is such, or any NPC a few times and note their highest and lowest defensive (Dnpc) rolls as well as attacking rolls (Anpc)

All NPCs have a base defense and attack stat, plus a D20ROLL which means if a NPC rolls between 31-50, it has a base stat of 30. We are interested in their maximum rolls.

Step three: Note your pilot level. Divide this with 4 for your pilots bonus stat for both defense and attack. Note this number (Pba) (Pbd) You get a bonus of ¼ your level + your mod build stats along with your D20ROLL. You can never roll less than 1, unless critical error.

Step four: Find your required damage Pdmg, to finish within the allotted fifteen minutes. To be realistic and compensate for stutter, slow clicks and critical errors, i recommend setting the number of attacks lower than what it is in theory (1 attack each 10 sec = 6 attacks each minute = 90 attacks in 15 minutes) I recommend accepting no more than 85 attacks, preferably 80. Do this by dividing the total HPnpc of the encounter with 80 (85 if you have faith), this will give you your minimum required damage.

Now you have the base values needed to create an encounter mod build.

Let's make an example, due note this is just an example, the values may completely differ from your experience.

Total encounter armor and shields:

HPnpc = 10000

Encounter boss highest defensive roll:

Dnpc = 40

Encounter boss highest attacking roll:

Anpc = 50

Pilot damage needed to end in 15 minutes (realistically)

Pdmg = HPnpc / 80

Pdmg = 10000/80 = 125

Pilot level 32

Pilot level ¼ bonus attack and defense:

Pba = 8

Pbd = 8

Lowest D20ROLL:

D20 = 1

This means you will need a mod build with at least 32 attack (Ma) to never miss. Remember a tie in rolls attack vs defensive is a miss when you attack.

Dnpc - Pba = Ma

40 - 8 = 32 attack

You would need 41 defense to never get hit. Remember you cannot roll less than one, but a tie in defense vs attack means you avoid the attack as the defending part.

Anpc - Pbd - D20 = Md

50 - 8 - 1 = 41 defense

To summarize the example, you would need ship page that reads:

Attack 40

Defense 49

Damage 125

There are other ways of doing encounters, some rely on damage reflection, damage reduction and shield recharge. Some rely on heavy armor shielding and shield recharge. However all of them have one thing in common, you need to meet the requirements for attack stat, otherwise you will never penetrate the NPCs armor.

Start number crunching !