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(This is the sandbox. Experiment here first)
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=<big>The Beginner's Guide to the Scout class</big>=
Greetings pilots! In this post I will be focusing exclusively on the scout class. If you are not a scout then you came to the wrong guide, but you are welcome to read on anyways.
To all you scout pilots out there. This guide is intended for the new scout pilot, so it will seem simplified (as in I wont be going into the rep grinding trick, which is boring anyway). Now let us begin!
The scout class is not an easy class to play as. It is fast, light, and oh so squishy. I would say it's not a class for beginners, but the only way you can get into this class is as a beginner. There are some key terms you must remember<br>
• '''Evasion''' - this ability makes it harder for others to attack you. <br>
• '''Targeting''' - this ability makes it easier to hit other people. You wont be using this for a while, if ever. <br>
• '''Attack''' - makes it easier to hit and damage an opponent.<br>
• '''Defense''' - blaster fire finds it harder to damage you. <br>
• '''Hacking''' - this stat will get very important at level 10.<br>
• '''Cargo''' - the amount of junk you can cart from one world to another.<br>
Now I will begin to describe what an optimal path for the scout looks like, up to lvl 15.
===Levels 1-5===
You will spend this time pretending that you are a freighter and get all the cargo boosting mods you can. Whenever you run across a mod that boosts hacking you will save it. If it is better than another hacking mod that takes the save spot, you will replace it. At level five you may want to find a team with which you can do encounters on earth and mars. Throughout this time you will find it helpful to follow the missions. They will give you xp. Join a guild, it will help in the long run.
===Levels 6-10===
At around this point you should still be stuck in the grips of the Fly Casual mission. At this point you should really be buckling down on trying to get your hacking score up. When you have enough mods to get to +40 hacking power you should start focusing on hacking. At level 10 you will be able to start taking on the Eris encounters, this is a good source of eris rep and mods. Open the Black market as soon as you can, for it is the friend of scouts.
===Levels 11-15===
Get the listener. You want the listener. It costs 1000 intel and goes into your weapon slot. The day that you get the listener marks the last day you have to grind trades. Focus on hacking from than on. [Exception: there are several mission for which you will need to collect resources. Collect lots of power cells, Mod components, polished diamonds, etc so that you will be able to craft the needed mods]
Guide Created by [[User:Lancer|Lancer]] ([[User talk:Lancer|talk]])

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