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Guilds are a group of players who have banded together to conquer other guilds and accomplish group activities. Guilds in Gemini Station are highly recommended, but not required. It is recommended to join a guild to increase the enjoyment of the game and possibly make new friends. Whether the guilds are Warlike, Peaceful, Trade Focused, Pirate Focused...there are many different types of focus for guilds to expand on. Or if one guild likes, be them all!

These are all the guilds currently registered

Guild Members Leader Co-Leader Type
Access Denied 9/10 Silver Silence Banri Standard
Angeli Inferos 9/25 AbleTheAbove Standard
DadCorp 7/10 Septimus Standard
Death Borg 10/10 Hells Speed Kyo ITALY Standard
Inquisitorial Group of the Rebellion 7/10 Catastrophe e_NV_y Standard
Invictus 10/10 Noresist Standard
Lame Guild 1/10 Tiger Standard
MCRN 10/10 Valkyrie115 Standard
Stonks 1/10 60hz Josh Standard


When in a guild, there are multiple things that can be done such as; Wars, Warehouse Storage, Upgrades & Specializations. Guilds also have a max capacity per level.

Total Members Cost
10 Starting
25 5 GP
50 25 GP

Member Ranks

Members of a guild can be promoted to various ranks by Guild Masters or Co-Leaders. The ranks, in order from low to high, are Rookie, Member, Veteran, Officer, and Co-Leader. The only ranks with special permissions are Officers and Co-Leaders. Officers have the ability to invite or kick any member (excluding the Guild Master), and can also purchase upgrades for the guild. Co-Leaders have all of the same permissions as Guild Masters (declare war, edit guild bio, invite/ kick members, purchase upgrades, etc.).

Guild Points & Influence

Guild Influence, or GI, is an action-based guild currency that is earned by guild members. Guild members who are draining, hacking, attacking, and boosting both NPC and player ships will earn 1 GI (per each action). The current GI will appear on your guild's News & Info page. If a guild wishes to declare war on another guild, the guild leader (or co-leaders) will have to spend Guild Influence to declare war on a guild. The thought behind this being, the defending guild would have no interest in a war from a guild they've never heard of, but if a guild has built up notoriety or influence, then a declared war would be taken seriously.

It currently requires 5,000 GI to declare a war on another guild and 50,000 GI to purchase a Guild Point.

Actions that award Guild Influence:

  • Hack NPC
  • Hack PVP
  • Drain PVP
  • Drain
  • NPC Boost
  • PVP Boost
  • NPC Win
  • NPC Combat Win
  • PVP Combat
  • Initiate Travel
  • Hack - Location - Cash
  • Hack - Location - Goods
  • Hack - Location - Int
  • Hack - Location - Mods


The Warehouse is like the Guild Bank/Vault. Players will be able to store commodities there for future wars and or storing items they want to just give away to other players. It requires 1 Guild Point to unlock. Further Unlocks to increase storage space will require more GPs.

Warehouse Level Max Capacity Cost
1 2,500 1 GP
2 5,000 5 GP
3 10,000 10 GP
4 25,000 25 GP
5 50,000 50 GP
6 100,000 100 GP
7 250,000 250 GP
8 500,000 500 GP
9 750,000 750 GP
10 1,000,000 1,000 GP


You can spend guild points to unlock guild-wide upgrades. There are currently 6 upgrades a guild can choose from, each having its own increase in ship efficiency. Prioritizing what to unlock will be determined by the guild and guild leaders/officers. Each upgrade has 10 available unlocks.

  • Armor
  • Engine Efficiency
  • Evasion
  • Sensor Results
  • Shields
  • Targeting


With enough guild points, you can dedicate your guild to a specific specialization. Once you choose a specialization, your guild will only earn guild points for actions and wars in your specialization category. To unlock specialization, a guild will first need to gain 100,000 XP (100 Guild Wars). After that, there will be 3 branches to choose from; Military, Trade and Espionage. Each of the 3 branches has 7 different upgrades to choose from, all having a max of 10 unlocks.

Dedicated to either the protection or destruction of others and a life of endless combat, your guild will have access to the following additional upgrades:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Damage
  • Damage Reflect
  • Damage Reduction
  • Shield Recharge
  • Weapon Recharge

With a focus on trade and scavenging, your guild will have access to the following upgrades:

  • Defense
  • Damage Reduction
  • Shield Recharge
  • Salvage
  • Cargo Shielding
  • Cargo Space
  • Heat Resistance

With a focus on spying, hacking, and staying out of sight, your guild will have access to the following upgrades:

  • Damage Reflect
  • Damage Reduction
  • Shield Recharge
  • Intel
  • Hacking
  • Cargo Shield
  • Heat Resistance

Gemini Station