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User Information

Forum nick Lancer
Location: Somewhere on Terran Prime
Join-date: 1/1/2020
Wiki-role(s): Editor, moderator, Ranter

Greetings! my name is <garbeled> and I live in <garbled>. Oh, I apologize for that. You see in this age where we are so closely connected I find it difficult to reveal any personal information on a public forum. There may come a day that I will reveal more about me, but until that day you may call me Lancer, Wonder storm, etc. I like computers, programming, and having fun.


  • Discord: wonder storm#5258
  • In-Game Name:Lancer

Wiki Projects

Beginner's Guide to Scout Page


Lancer's Scout Guide

Wiki status

Below is a list for use as a maintenance guide allowing work on specific projects such as updating from old versions or expanding current ones.

Category:Rewrite — Pages that require a rewrite. 0 page(s).
Category:Need editing — Pages that require a clean up -2 page(s).
Category:Need copy editing — Pages that require copy editing 0 page(s).
Category:Candidates for deletion — Pages where deletion is requested. 3 page(s).
Category:Duplicates — Duplicate pages. 0 page(s).
Category:Expand — Articles with sections that need expanding. 13 page(s).
Category:Links — Articles that need links adding. 0 page(s).
Category:To be merged — Articles where a merge is requested. 0 page(s).
Category:To be split — Split requested 0 page(s).
Category:To be moved‎ — Move requested 0 page(s).
Category:Stubs — Articles that need expanding. 25 page(s).
Category:Under Construction‎ — Under construction 0 page(s).
Category:Potentially outdated — Articles where an update is requested. 1 page(s).
Category:Verification needed — Pages that require Verification. 0 page(s).
Category:Pages with broken file links — Articles with missing images. 386 page(s).
Special:UnusedImages — Files that are not used in any articles.