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Forum nick Banri
Location: Illinois
Join-date: September 14
Wiki-role(s): Wiki Master

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Greeting all!

My name is Darren Bergman and I am from Algonquin, Illinois. A suburb near Chicago, Illinois, United States. I am 26 years of age and married to a wonderful woman, Bhumika. I am currently certified as an Integrative Wellness Practitioner in Natural Health and on the way to becoming a Doctor of Original Medicine. In my downtime, I like to play video games, spend quality time with my wife, write my novel, watch tv shows and write music with an Innovation Launchpad. I have been into Wiki Building/Moderating for eight years. I can be easily found mostly active on Discord & Steam.

I've been part of Gemini Station since 14 September 2019 and became a contributor on the same day. I have known the game creator since like forever and quite happy to help him out. I have made 1,675 edits. I am quite proud to be a member of this gaming community.

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If you would like to send a message to me use my Discord

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Discord: Banri#0671
Xbox Live: Nero Attoru
Origin: DirectorBanri
Facebook Page: [1]
Steam: [2]
Twitch: [3]

Wiki Projects

Gemini Station

  • Completing the Item Pages: COMPLETE
    • Completing the Item Guide: COMPLETE
  • Completing all the Wiki Templates: COMPLETE
  • Adding all the Patch Note pages: COMPLETE (Helped by User:Zero)
  • Category Reconstruction: COMPLETE
  • Achievements List: COMPLETE
  • General Missions List: IN PROGRESS
  • Trade Missions List: IN PROGRESS
  • Story Missions List: INCOMPLETE

Pages that I have created

Gemini Station

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Category:Rewrite — Pages that require a rewrite. 1 page(s).
Category:Need editing — Pages that require a clean up 0 page(s).
Category:Need copy editing — Pages that require copy editing 0 page(s).
Category:Candidates for deletion — Pages where deletion is requested. 1 page(s).
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Special:UnusedImages — Files that are not used in any articles.