Patch Notes (30 June 2020)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this news post of the Gemini Station website. It is copyrighted by The Developer.
These Patch Notes were announced on 30 June 2020.

This patch addresses numerous quality of life suggestions put forth by the community ranging from guild management tools to UI updates.

2.2.1 Quality of Life

Quality of Life

  • Changed “growing repository of game date” to “expansive repository of game data” in the wiki explanation on the Help! page… was time.
  • Mods can be bulk-sold by tiers in Gem. Mods that are favorited, in saved load outs, or currently installed will not be sold.
  • Mod presets can now be overwritten.
  • Added timestamps to the chat channels.
  • Redesigned the mod UI for installing and managing mods.
  • Added mod fav functionality to the sell and breakdown mods page.
  • Fabricator alert color changed from purple to white to increase readibitlililily.


  • Officers and guild masters can now view the location of all of their members via the Members page.
  • Guild members can view the GI contribute of fellow guild members via their public profiles. This info is only visible to fellow guild members.
  • If a guild master has not logged in in 14 days, an officer may unseat the GM and take their place.
  • Guild Leaders can now appoint other members as the new guild leader if they find the stress of leadership is too much go handle. Guild Masters can access this tool via Guild Control > Appoint New Guild Master.
  • Added comma separators to most numerical displays.
  • 5% of the previous week’s total GI earned will be rewarded as Guild XP.
  • Guild XP to the guild news and info page.
  • Guild leaders, co-leaders, and officers can send mass messages to the rest of the guild. Messages can be sent to all members, or just officers.


  • Fixed a bug where a critical fail would still do damage.


  • High Hopes (level 3) added to Jupiter’s Observation Deck. - We meet Skye, an ambitions Jayco employee with a head full of dreams…..and not much else.


  • Venus now exports Mining Grenades.
  • Venus now sells mods!!


  • Fixed a bug where location hacking would sometimes give GI even if the hack was failed.