Patch Notes (24 September 2020)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this news post of the Gemini Station website. It is copyrighted by The Developer.
These Patch Notes were announced on 24 September 2020.

This update includes a large swath of up changes and additions to existing mechanics, most notably: Drones. Drones can now be combined into groups and given navigation, trade, and supply orders to each group. This update dramatically decreases the time required to manage fleets of drones.

Additionally, several quality of life updates have been made to encounters, UI, and the Outlands.

2.4.1 DRONE GROUPS (9/24/2020)


  • Removed the delay 1.5 second delay when transferring items to/from warehouse.
  • Reworked the main messages page.


  • Added drones and facilities to the notch menu.
  • Pilot profile page layout revised.
  • Added “Propose Trade” button to pilot profile that auto-inputs pilot’s callsign.


  • The import tab will default open if your drone’s cargo bay is not empty.
  • Auto-redirects added to several drone-related pages.
  • Icons showing current cargo in drone cargo bay added.
  • Icons showing current mods installed on drone added.


  • Pilots can now pledge loyalty to a specific faction.


  • Multi-tabbing has been blocked to decrease server stress.
  • Refreshing the encounter page will end your encounter.
  • A reload warning will popup prior to reloading the page.
  • Threat levels begin at 100% upon encounter start.
  • The number of database queries has been reduced by 30%
  • Added an exclamation point to the fire button to make things more exciting.
  • Encounters that are already in progress can not be joined now.
  • Combat log reworked so it’s actually readable.
  • The private passcode mechanic is now working properly.


  • Claim Nodes
  • Faction Encounters
    • 75% Nesellium drop chance.
    • 100% Faction Mark drop chance.
  • Galactic map popups now work on mobile phones.


  • Masterful Moon Rock Container (21481) changed from 40/40 cargo space/shield to 50/50 cargo space/shield and upgrade to tier 500.
  • Legendary mod sets have been created and are available for purchase from each faction’s HQ node in the Outlands using faction marks.
  • Legendary mod added for Jayco Tanker
  • Legendary mods added for Dreadnought
  • Legendary mods added for Crusader.

The Moon

  • The window to visit the moon has been narrowed.


  • Fixed a bug where the “Add” button would appear over the mod tooltip in the Workshop.
  • Fixed a bug where players could view all submitted tickets.
  • Fixed a bug where a mod could be multi-installed on drones and the pilot’s ship infinite times.
  • Fixed the timer display bug for players who were not the encounter leader.
  • Fixed a display issue where mods were not always displaying multiple install status.
  • Removed a small ’T’ that was hiding in the code of the encounter ‘fire’ script…sheesh
  • Fixed a bug where drones with 2000 worth of HR mods were not allowing travel to Mercury.
  • Fixed MANY other encounter-related bugs…sheesh.
  • Fixed a handful of typos.