Patch Notes (21 February 2020)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this news post of the Gemini Station website. It is copyrighted by The Developer.
These Patch Notes were announced on 21 February 2020.

It's Patch Notes time!

This patch includes several balancing updates as well as anti-cheating measures, additional mods, missions and auxiliary.

1.1.1 Balancing Update

General Updates

  • Due to a valdez-level catastrophe, 40,000 units of Miscellaneous Garbage was dumped into the space lanes.
  • base hacking skill lowered from +20 to +10 for freighters and fighters.
  • Guild page has been optimized to decrease page load time.
  • Private Guild Bio added to the guild page. This bio is only visible to members of that guild.
  • Added a 'hide' link to guild invites so players can temp hide a guild invite.
  • Auction House sales tax lowered from 5% to 1%.


  • The system's dockmasters have banded together to call for an end to spaceport littering. Tired cleaning up countless Tungsten Plates and Energy Cells, the system's spaceports have implemented a littering fee.
    • A warning is issued for each offense at each location.
    • 2nd offense - $100 fine, loss of reputation.
    • The previous fine received is doubled on each repeate offense.
    • After 10 offenses, XP starts to get removed from the player as well.


  • Several anti-scripting mechanics have been added to various systems.


  • Much to the dismay of many pilots, The Engine Efficiency (EE) stats have been rebalanced. It was found (and reported by other players!) that the EE mods were overpowered and needed to be adjusted. The moaning and rending of garments continues, but there is a rumor that pilot Phayz is setting up a grief support group on Eris...if you can make it there in time.
  • 65 faction mods have been added to their respective stores.


  • Both armor and shields are restored after a targeted ship is defeated in combat. If the attacking ship loses, armor is not restored. This is a temp measure while we explore adjustments to the PVP system.

Official Discord Server

  • An official discord server has been set up for Gemin Station: here


  • The wiki has undergone a massive redesign. Huge shoutout to Banri for spearheading that project.


  • The forum has undergone a massive redesign. The forum design is now aligned with established Gemini Station branding, and no longer looks like a pile of garbage.

Trade Mechanics

  • We are exploring the balance impact of changing trade xp from a % of total sale to the number of items, with a variable on item size. Discussion on this topic is open: here
  • Current Updated Selling Caps:
    • Gem - 200xp
    • Earth - 200xp
    • Mars - 200xp
    • Jupiter - 500xp
    • Mercury - 650xp
    • Eris - 750xp

Bugs & Exploits

  • Removed autocomplete from the chat...that was super annoying.
  • Fixed a bug where scouts were getting 2x the base scout speed bonus when traveling.
  • Fixed a bug where a defeated player's shields were not being restored after a defeat.
  • Fixed a major exploit where items posted in the auction house could be duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug where the trade supply/demand script could make purchase prices a negative number.
  • Fixed a bug where some imported items were not being used in several locations.