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Template documentation
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The FeaturedImage template is used to display random images on the Main Page of the Gemini Station wiki. For more information, see GSWiki:Featured images.


For administrators


  1. Add successful nominations into the "Successful nominations" section. Use {{okay}} to display Okay mark.png.
  2. Add unsuccessful nominations into the "Unsuccessful nominations" section. Use {{not okay}} to display Not okay mark.png.

Successful nomination checklist

  1. Check if the image is used in mainspace.
  2. Check if the image follows the "Image criteria".
  3. Check if a proper description is provided during nomination.
  4. Check if a valid reason is given for nomination.
  5. Check if the nomination is successful. (Read through the discussion and comments, and refrain from simply counting the number of votes.)

Image addition checklist

  1. Add the image into this template.
  2. Add {{FIMG}} at the beginning of the image. This adds the image into Category:Featured images.
  3. Add the subject article |subject= and image description |desc= to the {{FIMG}} template. This will add its information to Template:Featuredimage and the main page.
  4. If there is no summary, add a summary describing the image (The description provided during nomination may also be used.)
  5. Semi-protect the image ("Block unregistered users").

Image delisting/replacement checklist

If an image is nominated for delisting or replacement, and is successful:

  1. Remove the image from this template.
  2. Remove the {{FIMG}} tag from the image. This removes the image from Category:Featured images.
  3. Remove the semi-protection for the image.
  4. Add the image to the delisting or replacement archive.