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Shields are your ship's protective force field. Shields act as your first line of defense; absorbing damage that would other-wise be dealt to your armor. If your shields reach 0 value, then the damage will start to be dealt to your Armor.

Shields also refer to the Shield Attribute which are imbued by base Ship Classes, Shield, Engine, and Weapon Mods. Unlike armor, Shields don't need to be repaired after a battle. Furthermore, Shields can be repaired in-battle through mods with a Shield Recharge Attribute.

Ship Base Shields


  • Light: 150
  • Standard: 375
  • Assault: 1000
  • Tempest: 1500


  • Light: 200
  • Medium: 500
  • Heavy: 1250
  • Cerberus: 1500


  • Recon: 100
  • Support: 250
  • Overwatch: 500
  • Harbinger: 750

For more information on ships, see Ship Classes

Shield Mods

This article is about Shield Mod Purchase Locations. For Mods Details, see Mods.