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Sensor Scan Results are added to the number of ships you can see after a Long Range Scan. Each scan costs (1) Processing Power. The Sensor Scan Results attribute affect the results for NPC Drones, Player Drones, and Player Ships scan sweeps. For example, if you had 4 Total Sensor Scan Results on your ship, you would see 4 NPC Drones, 4 Player Drones, and 4 Player Ships per scan. Each ship has a different base Sensor Scan Results, including Rep Ships.

More Sensor Scan Results can be shown by installing mods with the Sensor Scan Results attribute through equipping of Utility and Sensor mods. Additionally, guilds can increase Sensor Scan Results if your guild has spent points on it.

There is a maximum display cap of 10 of each type (NPC Drones, Player Drones, and Player Ships).

Base Sensor Scan Stats
Ship Type Base Scan Result
Light Freighter 3
Medium Freighter 4
Heavy Freighter 5
Cerberus Freighter 6
Light Fighter 3
Standard Fighter 5
Assault Fighter 7
Tempest Fighter 10
Recon Scout 5
Support Scout 9
Overwatch Scout 13
Harbinger 19
JayCo Tanker 0
Gemini Sentinel 15
Terran Dreadnought 10
Martian Crusader 17


Your ship's sensor scan results total is added to your scan roll while searching for nodes in the Outlands. There is no maximum when searching for Nodes, but the maximum is in place for NPC Drones, Player Drones, and Player Ships scans.