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Patch 1.1.0 Missions

As our first month draws to a close, we’re super excited to roll out our first major patch. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, but apart from the main storyline, much of the progress can tend to feel like and endless grind. In response to that feedback, we’ve overhauled the missions system. The daily trade missions will remain for now, depending on future engagement. And we’ll continue to add the narrative-focused-choose-your-own-adventure-style missions in the future, but a new missions system that utilizes every game mechanic is now live under the category of “General Missions”

General Missions are a combination of narratives and ship actions. These missions will unfold more of the expansive lore of Gemini Station while you purchase or sell items, drain or boost ships (NPC and other players!), hack ships and locations. The aim with these new missions are to further engage players with Gem’s lore, ease some of the ‘grind-ness’ that is typical to these types of games, and give access to more xp, mods, reputation, money, and intel apart from trading alone.

Most missions are available to all players, but many are limited to ship class (freighter, fighter, spy), location reputation, pilot level, and current progress in the main storyline. Additionally, missions are no longer exclusively offered in the government/admin centers of each location. Many will be, but missions are scattered across the system, in every district and in random locations, so make sure to swing by all those districts in Gem you never visit who knows who is waiting to give you a mission.

Missions System

  • The missions system has been overhauled to add more variety.
  • New missions can be discovered on every location and nearly every page, not limited to the Government/ Admin district of a location.
  • Unique missions are also available based on ship type and location rep.
  • A mix of single step and multi-step missions added.

General Updates

  • Reputation gains changed from total number of items bought/sold to 1 rep per transaction.

Game Mechanics

  • XP needed to level scaled based on player’s level. Changed from XP needed to level = player level x 1000 to the following:
  • Pilot Level < 10
    • XP needed = Pilot Level * 1000
  • Pilot Level < 20
    • XP needed = Pilot Level * 1000
  • Pilot Level < 30
    • XP needed = Pilot Level * 1000
  • Pilot Level < 40
    • XP needed = Pilot Level * 3000
  • Pilot Level < 50
    • XP needed = Pilot Level * 4000
  • Pilot Level < 60
    • XP needed = Pilot Level * 5000
  • Hacking
    • Empty shipping canisters removed from hacking goods on Gem.

Donations - Patreon

  • Several users have asked for ways to donate to Gemini Station apart from Supply Crate purchases. I created a Patreon account here: Patreon


  • Fixed an exploit where multiple messages could be sent.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could install mods higher than their level.
  • Fixed an exploit where the Making Introductions mission could be completed more than once.
  • Fixed an exploit where nefarious players could inject what cargo to claim after defeating a cargo drone.


  • Fixed a bug where hacking a location’s financial district would not deliver money.

Gemini Station