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We're beyond excited to finally push these updates live and reveal the last few features we've been keeping under wraps over the last few months. So without further ceremony, welcome to v1.0.0.


  • Added an achievements system to the game.
  • Added 250 achievements of various categories.
    • Achievement categories:
      • General - Related to level and money.
      • Mods - Related to mods :)
      • Travel - Related to trips taken and locations visited.
      • Trade - Related to items purchased and sold.
      • Actions - Related to Encounters, PVP, and NPC actions.
      • Hacking - Related to hacking efforts.
      • Msc. - Miscellaneous achievements related to the auction house, ship upgrades, and more.
  • Achievement are ranked based on commonality:
    • Common - White
    • Uncomon - Green
    • Rare - Blue
    • Exotic - Purple
    • Legendary - Orange
    • Impossible - Gold (1)
  • Most achievements are visible, but shaded until unlocked.
  • Several achievements are locked and hidden until unlocked.
  • One achievements is marked as 'Impossible'. Good luck :)

Main Story

  • The final chapter of the main story is now released.


  • Unused and/or unneeded items can be transformed into valuable items.
  • Fabricators are located on Gemini Station in the Engineering District.
  • Fabricators typically take 60 mins to run.
  • Available fabricators:
    • Convert x1 Miscellaneous Garbage into x1 Trade Good (1 hour)
    • Convert x5 Miscellaneous Garbage into x1 Tier I Mod Component (1 hour)
    • Convert x5 Tier I Mod Component into x1 Tier II Mod Component (1 hour)
    • Convert x10 Tier II Mod Component into x1 Tier III Mod Component (1 hour)

General Missions

  • A variety of narrative-based side missions have been added to Gem, Earth, Mars, and Eris.
  • Most missions cannot be failed, however, the few that can come with consequences upon failure.
  • Rewards ranging from XP, money, mods, and reputation are provided upon completion of a mission.
  • Several missions will not appear until a required mission has been completed, and/or the player has reached a certain point in the main story.

General Design & UI

  • Minor update of ship bridge layout.
  • All commodities have custom artwork.
  • Each location's store has been reorganized into:
    • General Imports - Goods that can be sold almost anywhere.
    • Specialized Imports - Goods that have limited resell options and/or are used for crafting mods or missions.
    • Imports - Goods the location wants to purchase.

Travel Message

  • Players can write a custom message that other players will see upon scanning their ship.
  • Travel Messages can be up to 40 characters long.


  • Added +20,000 mods to the mod database.


  • A 15 minute time limit and counter has been added to encounters.
  • Any enounter does that not finish within 15 mins will be closed and marked as a loss.
  • A session-specific chat channel has been added to each encounter so players engaged in the same battle can communicate.

Game Tuning

  • Changed xp gains from selling goods from 7% to 5% of the total sale.
  • The max xp that can be gained from buying/selling has been capped at 125 starting at level 10.


  • Max number of guild members has been capped, expandable with guild points.
    • Default - 10 Members
    • Tier II - 25 Members (5GP)
    • Tier III - 50 Members (25GP)

Gemini Station Supply Crates

  • Added an in-game supporter/donor system. Supply Crates can be purchased for $5 USD.
  • Crates can be sold to other players in-game on the auction house for in-game money.
  • Crates can be opened. When opened, the player receives:
  • Supporter status for 30 days.
  • Direct travel for 30 days (travel to any location w/o having to return to Gem first)
  • Up to $25,000 in-game money.
  • Between 3 and 5 Supercharged Fuel Cells (used to restore ship energy and processor power)


  • Gemini Station is complex; there's like a billion moving parts...a wiki seemed appropriate
  • Read and contribute here: Our Wiki


  • Fixed a bug where you could travel to the location you were currently at.
  • Fixed a bug where you could change your mod load out while in transit.
  • Fixed a bug where you could unload all mods while in transit.
  • Added a 50 result limit to mod store searches to avoid server timeout.
  • Added a 25 result limit to mod exchange searches to avoid server timeout.
  • Fixed a bug related to the warehouse on Gem.

Gemini Station