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0.9.5 Guilds

The growing number of players has paved a way for our next major update: guilds. Pilots are now able to create and join guilds. Apart from being a convenient way to stay connected with friends, guilds offer the opportunity to further specialize and upgrade your ships through guild upgrades.

As your guild grows in strength and defeats other guilds in PVP and trade wars, your guild will earn guild points. Guild points can be spent to unlock guild-wide upgrades for all member ships. From upgraded targeting and evasion to ship speed, guild upgrades allows your guild to further customize your playing style.

And if you earn enough guild experience, you’ll be able to unlock prestigious guild specialization classes and fully commit your guild to trade, combat, or espionage.

Main Story

  • Chapter XVII is now live!

General Updates

  • Overhauled the navigation system and ETA counter to increase accuracy (TnT).
  • Further overhauled the navigation system to allow for direct travel without having to return to Gemini Station after each trip.


  • Added new guild system allowing players to create, join, and manage guilds.
    • Guild Points can be gained by winning guild wars and are used to upgrade various aspects of the guild.
    • General Upgrades: Armor, Engine Efficiency, Evasion, Sensor Results, Shields, Targeting.
    • Additional specialization can be unlocked after the guild gets 100,000 XP.
    • Guild log created that shows all relevant guild member activity in the guild.

Guild Wars

  • Guild leaders can declare war on other guilds.
    • Seek & Destroy War
      • Classic team vs. team free for all. First guild to 50 ship kills wins.
        • Victor gains XP and 1 GP
        • Loser gains XP and 0 GP
    • Trade War
      • First guild to sell $500,000 worth of items wins.
        • Victor gets: 1 GP and 1000 XP
        • Loser gets: 0 GP and 250 XP
      • Maximum of 10 trade wars can be active at one time.

Class Tweaks

  • Changed base scout speed bonus from 25% to 10/15/20 for each ship upgrade.


  • Engine Efficiency
    • Lowered max table tiers by 50%

Black Market

  • Black Market overhauled to include unique mods only.
  • Specialized "illegal" mods have been created exclusively available on the black market.
    • Black Market mods CAN be sold on the mod exchange.


  • Lowered the energy cost of attacking other ships from 20 to 10.
  • Changed the d100 roll to target another player from rand(1-100) to rand(25-100)


  • Fixed a ton of spelling errors and typos.


  • Discord server has been updated, and reorganized, including a bug ticketing system.

Gemini Station