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0.9.4 Hacking, Supply & Demand

Update 0.9.4 brings with it several major features, most notably are hacking and supply & demand. The updated hacking system vastly increases a pilots options while the new supply and demand system can secure traders the deal of a lifetime, or leave them cursing their bad luck.


The hacking update adds the option to attempt to hack specific districts at each location. A successful hack at each location will reward players with various items/resources. From hacking banking terminals to falsifying trade orders, less-than-reputable pilots can now acquire goods, money, intel, and mods exclusively from hacking.

  • Overhauled hacking system to allow players to hack locations being visited. Each location has four categories of hacking that can be attempted.
    • Intel - Players gain intel upon successfull hack.
    • Finance - Players gain money upon successfull hack.
    • Supply - Players gain random trade goods sold at that location upon successfull hack.
    • Military - Players gain a random mod within +/-10 levels upon successfull hack.
  • There is a 10% chance of being discovered upon a failed hack.
  • There is a 25% chance of being discovered on Eris upon a failed hack.

Supply & Demand

Following requests for additional trade goods as well as a more dynamic economy, we’ve more tradable items that can be bought and sold at various locations. Additionally, those locations consume and produce items at different rates, affecting the pattern of available of items as well. Trade prices are also affected by item stock.

  • Many more items added to location stores.
  • Prices change based on current stock and random events.
  • Universal Market ticker on Gemini Station updated to show all buy/sell locations.


  • Added the ability to save/load mod loadouts.

Main Story

  • Chapter 16 is now live.

General Updates

  • NPC damage roll is now multiplied by the NPC level when rolling for damage. The ES-709 Destroyer of Worlds will totally wreck you.
  • Added estimated travel time to ship astrogration section.
  • Added option to abandon trade missions for quitters.


  • Fixed a bug where mods equipped in the wildcard slot could be sold and broken down.
  • Fixed a bug where sold items could be re-purchased at the same location for free and resold endlessly.
  • Fixed a bug where more items could be purchased than were actually in stock. (Neat)
  • Intel gains no longer round to the hundred billionth decimal point. (Neat)
  • Many more bugs fixed.

Gemini Station