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0.9.3 Co-Pilots

Our second major summer update introduces a feature we’ve wanted to roll out for a while: Co-Pilots. Starting at level 10, pilots can head over to the Crew Lounge on Gemini Station and hire a co-pilot.

Co-pilots have their own attributes that stack with installed mods and typically have greater stats than mods. The only catch is co-pilots are unique and can only be employed by a single ship. Players can hire up to 3 crew, but can only have 1 activated co-pilot at a time. Once a co-pilot has been hired, they’ll no longer appear in the Crew Lounge.

Players can also fire co-pilots they’re no longer needing. Unemployed co-pilots will make their way back to the Crew Lounge and eventually appear back on the available list.

Co Pilots

  • Co-pilots can be hired in the crew lounge on Gemini Station started at level 10.
  • Co-pilots augment ship’s abilities, allowing for further play style customization.
  • 1600+ crew have been added to Gemini Station.
  • Every hour the list of available co-pilots to hire from will shuffle.
  • Copilots are unique. Once one has been hired, they’re gone!

Main Story

  • Main story has been organized into chapters.
  • Chapter 15 is now live.

General Updates

  • Redesigned the public user page (/user?USER-ID) to show public stats about each player, location, and mod load out.
  • “Districts” renamed to “Station Facilities”


  • Added estimated travel time to ship astrogation section.
  • Applied dark theme to navigation dropdown.
  • “Disembark” button changed to “Exit Ship” to increase clarity
  • Opacity of ship HUD changed to 15% for idle screen.
  • Hovering over the XP percentage in the top bar now displays the true experience.
  • Screen On/Off toggle added to the ship screen that hides the main viewer so eYs can see the stars better.



  • Added the ability to mark mods as favorite
    • Favorited mods will appear at ther top of owned lists.


  • Squashed many bugs.
  • Fixed endless typos.
  • Several bugs still at large...but I'm coming for you.

Gemini Station