Patch 0.9.2

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0.9.2 Encounters

Our first major update of the summer brings with it the introduction of an exciting new feature: encounters.

Encounters are multi-player battles where groups of up to three can attempt to defeat an enemy NPC squad. Upon successful completion of an encounter, group members receive money, xp, intel, rep (based on the encounter location) and a mod. Encounters are available at level 5 on Earth and Mars. Additional encounters are available at levels 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, and 60.


  • Group PVE battles located throughout the system.
  • Pilot groups of up to 3 can attempt to clear an encounter.


  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect amount of armor and shields were given to new ships.
  • Fixed a bug where the pilot’s Earth rep was always used to determine repair costs, regardless of location.
  • Fixed a bug where 72 hour length events would expire after 1 hour.
  • Fixed a bug where pilots could travel to Mercury without a 2000 HR score.
  • Fixed spacing issue where the armor value would drop to a new line if the ship had more than 1,000 armor.
  • Fixed a display issue where full amor was displayed as red in the ship HUD.


  • General
    • Added ‘reputation’ dropdown under pilot callsign in status bar.
    • Added timestamp to global chat.
  • Gemini Station
    • Updated links in main nav
    • Added quick link banners to home
    • Added additional quick links to home.


  • XP gains increase from random (50-75) to random(50-100) + target ship live + pilot level
  • Reputation
    • Lowest rep for locations set to 0
    • Negative pirate rep is still available…filthy pirates.
    • Normalized reputation tiers for factions

Game Tuning

  • Locations
    • Eris
      • Changed energy import price from 350 to 425
    • Mars
      • Changed travel time from 10 minutes to 5.
    • Earth
      • Changed travel time from 10 minutes to 5.

Ship Classes

  • Balanced the class III mod slots.

Gemini Station