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0.9.1 Black Market Update

Factions dissatisfied with the prices and overall standardization of mods and goods on Gemini Station have set up a black market on the remote dwarf planet of Eris. Accessing the market has a cost, however. This brings us to one of our most significant game mechanic updates to date––we've added an entirely new currency system: Intel.

Intel can be gained by successfully hacking other ships. Ships can be modded to increase both hacking success rates and the amount of intel gained from hacks. Pilots must spend intel to gain access to the black market and can then purchase goods and mods from the market using intel as well.

Black Market

  • Unlockable Black Market added to Eris.
    • Cost 1000 Intel to unlock.

Intel Mechanics

  • New currency system added.
  • Intel is gained by successfully hacking a ship.
  • Intel can be spent on the black market to purchase goods and mods.
  • Ships have a base intel gain rate. This amount can be increased with mods.
    • Freighter: 1
    • Fighter: 1
    • Scout: 5

Hacking Mechanics

  • Hacking cost lowered from 15p to 10p.
  • Targets now have 1/4 their level added against the pilot's hacking roll. Higher level ships will now be harder to hack.


  • Intel mods added to system.
    • Intel mods increase the amount of intel gained upon successful hack.
    • Increase is based on percentage.

Game Mechanics

  • Long Range Scan processor cost lowered from 5p to 1p.

Supercharged Energy Cells

  • Supercharged Energy cells can now be purchased for $0.99 USD in addition to in-game on Mercury Station


  • Adjusted global chat box width.


  • Fixed a bug where mods could be swapped out while in transit.

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