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0.9.0 Gemini Station Mod Exchange

Update 0.9.0 is our biggest update to date. With the addition of the Mod Exchange (mod auction house), continuation of the main story, several UI tweaks, and countless bugs squashed, we're finally able set a target launch date for version 1.0! The latest we will launch v1 is Jan 1, but we're shooting for this Fall.

Mod Exchange

  • Players can sell mods they own on the mod exchange. Listings are active for 1 week. After a week, the mod is returned to the player's mod locker. A 5% sales tax will be applied to all sales.

Main Story

  • Our main story has been expanded. Try and catch up :)

Artwork & UI

  • Gemini Station docking bay artwork updated.
  • Main viewer opacity increased for improved readability.
  • Custom artwork for each location created.
  • Tutorial added to ship's bridge.
  • Ship's Log button added to show pervious logs and alerts.
  • When an action is taken against you, a link to the player's ship is included in the alert.

Comm Board

  • UI redesigned
  • Misc side conversations and easter eggs added to comm board.


  • Added more mods to the game.
  • Added mod info to the tool tip display because they're hilarious and everyone should read them.

System & Admin

  • Added ability to receive messages from admins in ship's log.
  • Updated design for all automated emails.
  • Added Game Rules.
  • Added flagging system and email alerts for callsigns and ship names that violate our terms and game rules.
    • Addes mechanic for users to change their callsign and ship name if flagged.
  • Added addtional logs for travel, PVP, and trade actions.

Game Tweaks

  • Increased the number of pirates in Eris space lane.
  • 2 Minute cooldown added before a player can target the same player again.
  • Added auction and mod exchange alerts to the in-ship alert system.
  • Made the player feedback form not required upon level up.
  • Mercury station Supercharged Energy Cell factory mechanics are completed and if players can keep the station online for +24 hour, it will begin to produce SFCs every hour. Keeping the station online will require a massive team effort, however.

Security & Optimization

  • DDoS protection added to the server.
  • HTML, CSS, & Javascript minimization implemented for increased performance.


  • A fan-run Discord server has been set up and can be joined here. (Thanks, Retold!)
  • Docking bay added to each location, showing the number of ships at that location and the online status of the player.
  • Location-specific chat removed for now.
  • Gem hacking quest tracking updated.
  • New location added to Gemini Station: The Pinnacle
    • The Pinnacle is where [N8] lives, it will be accessible during various stages of the main story and permanently unlocked with Gem rep.


  • Fixed a bug where users could build several mods without needing the required materials.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat box would appear under the ship's main viewer.
  • Fixed a bug where the auction house was not sending expired listings back to the owner...braceyourself when you check your mail.
  • Fixed a bug where when a player was drained or boosted, the event showed their own ship as the one who boosted them.
  • ETA COUNTER FIXED!!!!!! That took months too long to fix...
  • So many other bugs squashed.
  • A few bugs still at large.

Gemini Station