Patch 0.8.1

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0.8.1 Main Story: Act 1

We’re super excited to announce the release of Act I of Gemini Station’s main story. The core mission begins at level 10 upon returning to Gem. This patch also includes numerous minor updates as well.

Main Story Act I: Mysterious Readings

  • New main story mission available at level 10.

Mod Score System

  • Players now get a base mod score; 1000 for each ship level they have. This should help differentiate between high and low-level ships who have simlar gear rarity.

Ship Updates

  • Comms board added (unlocked via main story).
  • Navicom labels abbreviated
  • Spacelane labels updated.
  • ETA counter updated...can still be buggy, but it's better.
  • Cargo bay contents now appear in main viewer instead of loading in a new page.
  • Mission Log button added that displays current missions in main viewer.
    • All pre-level 10 missions added to Mission Log for easier tracking.
  • Pertinent events and info will now appear as log alerts


  • Many more mods added.


  • Many bugs squashed.

Gemini Station