Patch 0.7.0

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Music Player

  • A music player featuring ambient trance artist Cynic Project has been added to the game. Link to the player can be found in the top right menu.

General Updates

  • Mainviewer opacity changed from .5 to .8.
  • Added blank mod icon for mod slots that have no mods installed (profile page).
  • Added new home screen after login that shows random tips based on player feedback questions.
  • All player ship designations changed from GS-# SHIP NAME to SS-# SHIP NAME. The two letter abbreviation will customizable in future updates based on location reputation.
  • Old boot (LordHumongus).


  • Several typos and description errors have been corrected.


  • Feedback logs added to Admin dashboard

Bugs & Exploits

  • Fixed a bug where more items than were on hand could be transferred to and from the warehouse.
  • Fixed a bug where salvage mod percentages were not calculating correctly (LordHumongus).
  • Fixed a bug where you could travel from Mercury to any location rather than returning to Gem.

Gemini Station