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Email notification is a feature of the MediaWiki software on which the Gemini Station wiki runs.[1] It allows editors who have registered an account and provided an email address to receive automatic email notifications when their user talk page or other watchlisted page is changed.

The feature can be set in the Email options part of the User Profile section of your user preferences and customised under the notifications tab.

Talk page

Email notification is enabled by default for messages left on your talk page, when you are mentioned or thanked, when someone links to or reviews a page you created, and when someone changes your user rights.

Once an email notification has been sent, additional talk-page changes will not result in further notifications, until you have logged in and visited your talk page. Your own page changes do not trigger an email notification.

Watched pages

Once you miss the email for a particular page change or don't visit the page (or ignore the email), you will not receive any more emails for that page. You can still dutifully monitor that page by its watchlist edit-summaries, but its particular email notification flag will remain unset until you visit it. This facilitates monitoring a large watchlist while preventing potentially useless emails to you.

In case you want to set all email notifications anyway, you can at any time mark all pages "visited". Your watchlist has a button labeled "Mark all pages visited" which will effectively set all of your email notification flags.

Technical notes

  1. The feature is MediaWiki's $wgEnotifUserTalk for user talk changes and $wgEnotifWatchlist for changes to watched pages.