Haggis's Guide to Outlands Missions

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Haggis's Guide to Outlands Missions

Alrighty pilots, listen up! If you're reading this and you're level 60, then this is the place for you! If you're not 60 yet, feel free to read on and get hyped for what's to come.

Your First Steps

Holy cow, I'm in Outlands! What the heck do I do now? After finishing up the storyline mission and unlocking the Outlands travel option, you'll want to load up your ship with +scanning mods (start with at least +50) and a bit of cargo space (load up on Energy Cells). With great excitement, it's time to slap that big yellow button and head to Outlands!

You'll find yourself in a sea of stars and spacelanes when you arrive. You might feel a little overwhelmed but there's a method to the madness. There are 6 main nodes that are equipped with Supergates (massive stations equipped with powerful technology that can fling you clear across the Outlands) and you'll need to discover each and every one. If you're a Gem Supporter (and you really should be!) then you can instantly travel from one gate to another if they are properly supplied with Nesselium (and they almost always are). If you aren't a supporter, then you'll need a stockpile of Gateway Passes to engage them.

These Supergate Nodes are scattered around and it will take some time to discover them all but be persistent: it pays off big-time. The folks in the Discord #outlands channel will be supremely helpful in guiding your path if you ever have any questions. Once you've explored to your heart's content and have unlocked the main Supergate Nodes (picking up the many useful Outlands mods along the way), then it's time to start tackling the daily Outlands quests.

It's Mission Time!

OK. You've explored Outlands, grabbed the mods, fought some Allegiance drones, and have returned to tell the tale...now what? Now it's Outlands Dailies Time. The main solar system planets (Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Eris) as well as Gemini Station itself each offer several quests specifically-geared for Outlands adventuring. Grab them all. You'll end up with a quest that requires you to run a patrol of each main node, to scan a specific node for each faction, and to drain/defeat a number of Allegiance drones. A Crusader or Sentinel would be the best ship to venture out with, but your normal Tier 4 ship should also work perfectly fine.

After popping out at Gemini Breach (the main Outlands entry point), I've found the following route to be optimal to complete the quests. You can use the supergates to quickly travel to and from each main node.

First, gate over to JayCo Prime and tag that node for your patrol mission. Then scoot over to Node 1309 (scanning it for the Earth mission). Head back to JayCo Prime and then gate back to Gemini Breach.

From Gemini Breach, you'll want to hit Suros's Space Point, and then Five Points (for the next two legs of your patrol mission). After tagging Five Points, you'll want to start heading to Node 2109 (it's to the "West" of Five Points). This is the longest leg of your journey and a great time to defeat Allegiance drones. I personally don't bother doing the drain Allegiance drones missions, but you may do that as well.

After satisfying Suros's scan request, you should use your emergency beacon to return to Gem Breach. Next, gate down to Crossroads, and then over to Septimus Point. The last stop on your whirlwind tour of Outlands will be Paradise (Node 1587). Once you've completed the patrol and scan missions, all that remains is to finish up killing Allegiance drones and then it's back to the Solar System to turn everything in! Just make sure you've finished everything up before you return to Gemini Station, otherwise you'll have plenty of time to regret your oversight while flying back :)

Handy Visual At-A-Glance ASCII: Gem -> JayCo -> 1309 -> Suros -> FP -> 2109 -> Crossroads -> Sept Point -> Paradise