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Get started with editing the wiki.

Anyone can edit any page and improve articles immediately for all readers. The Gemini Station Wiki uses two methods of editing: the simpler VisualEditor, and classic editing through source mode.

Your first edits

What makes a good article? This should help you get started on how to more effectly edit existing or new articles.

Talk Pages

Every wiki page has an associated talk page, which can be used for discussion and communicating with other users. You can learn more about this by reading this guide.


Users can easily sign their posts at the end of a comment. Signing is normally done on talk pages only, not on conjointly written articles. Learn how to use signatures by reading this guide.


Learn about all the available templates for this Wiki and how to properly use them.

Wiki Contents

List of helpful pages about what the wiki has and its features along with links to help pages. Recommended to take a brief overview of these pages at some point.

Using source mode

Source mode allows you to see all of the wikitext on a page and to edit it directly. If you are trying to make more complex changes, you should switch to the source editor.

Introduction to source mode

Editing using the classic source mode, which allows you to view and change wikitext directly.

Cheat sheet for source mode

A short guide that lists the syntax needed to create font styles, links, templates, and headers in source mode.

Advanced guides

What's possible with source mode

Examples of some of the more complicated types of edits that can be made on the wiki.


More details about editing tables in source mode

Creating navboxes

How to make the navigational templates located at the bottom of most pages.