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Facilities are player-owned farms, factories, and mines that generate resources. As the facility generates goods, it gains experience. As the facility's experience grows, it gains levels. An upgrade point is available for each facility level gained.

Facility Types

Water Farm Foods Factory Gas Collector
Water Farm on Earth
Foods Factory on Mars
Gas Collector on Jupiter
Ice Mine Solar Array Nesellium Generator
Ice Mine on Eris
Solar Array on Mercury
Nesellium Generator


Facilities earn one (1) facility XP for each item produced. Once a facility earns enough xp to level up, a facility point is awarded and the facility progresses to the next level.

This is an example of the xp requirement breakdown:

Facility Level XP Needed
1 0
2 100
3 200
4 300
5 400
6 500
7 600
8 700
9 800
10 900


If a facility has reached max capacity, production will halt, and the facility will no longer gain xp. Both production and xp gains will resume once the facility has room to store additional products.

Level Cap

The level cap for facilities is 100.


Facility Points

One Facility Point (FP) is earned whenever your facility gains enough experience to level up.

Facility Experience

Note: New facilities begin with one FP.


  • Pilots can own up to five (5) facilities. They can be five of the same facilities or a mix of available
  • Facilities are available at level 1.


Your facility can be customized as it gains Facility Points.


Facility efficiency relates to how quickly your facility can create goods. The base production cycle is 60 minutes. Thirty minutes is the fastest production cycle a facility can achieve. Each point spent on facility efficiency will decrease production time by 1% of the possible 30 minutes.

A new facility will be operating at 50% efficiency. Facility efficiency can be increased by spending facility points. A facility operating at 50% efficiency will take 60 minutes for a production cycle. At 100% efficiency, the production cycle is 45 minutes. At 150% efficiency, the production cycle is 30 mins.

Additionally, 1% of the upkeep costs are removed for each facility efficiency upgrade.

Base Max
50% 150%

Production Rate

A new facility will generate 5 items / hour. This rate can be increased by spending facility points. Base: 5 / hour Max: 50 / hour

Max Storage

A new facility will be able to store a maximum of 100 items. Once a facility reaches its max storage, operations will shut down until there is room for products to be stored. Pilots can visit the location of their facility and transfer goods from the facility to their cargo hold. This limit can be increased by spending facility points. Base: 100 Max: 1,000

Cost & Upkeep

Cost: A base facility costs $5,000,000 to build. Upkeep: A base facility upkeep is $50,000 / week. The upkeep cost is increased by $2,000 for each facility level.


Pilots can give their facilities custom names to better organize facilities.

Transferring Items

You can transfer items to your drones or your own personal ship. Transferring items nets 1 xp transferred. If the items are sent to drones, the drone gets the xp, if you send the items to your ship, the pilot gets the XP.