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Cargo Space allows your ship to carry more goods. For example, a Mod adding +10 Cargo Space allows your ship to carry 10 more commodities.

Cargo Space can be increased or decreased to a minimum value of 1 and no maximum. The Cargo Space attribute can be found on Utility, Weapon, Engine, Armor, Shield, and Sensor Mods. Furthermore, ships have different base Cargo Space capacities.

It is important to note that Engine Efficiency and Cargo Shielding attributes go hand-in-hand with Cargo Space; as they both aid with Freighting items.

Ship Base Cargo Space


  • Light: 10
  • Standard: 10
  • Assault: 10
  • Tempest: 10


  • Light: 15
  • Medium: 15
  • Heavy: 15
  • Cerberus: 15


  • Recon: 5
  • Support: 5
  • Overwatch: 5
  • Harbinger: 5

Rep Ships

  • JayCo Tanker: 100
  • Gemini Station Sentinel: 10
  • Terran Dreadnought: 15
  • Martian Crusader: 10

For more information on ships, see Ship Classes

Cargo Space Mods

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  • Cargo Space used to have a major exploit where your ship could have a negative Cargo Space value.