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Gemini Station is a free, persistent browser game.

The Game

Centered around trade, piracy, and intrigue, Gemini Station allows you to customize and equip your ship by acquiring specialized mods that allow you to fine-tune your play style. As your ship gets more powerful, you’ll be able to complete more difficult missions, transport more cargo, hack more secure systems, and even turn on other players in attempt to steal their cargo.

You can play anytime online from any device. There’s no software to download, you just log in and keep playing. Gem is also a casual game, requiring no major commitment and was designed specifically to be fun without requiring a large investment of time.

You can play Gem however you want. As a sandbox-type game, you can be successful whatever your play style. You can focus exclusively on trade, combat, hacking, or salvaging and or any combination and be hugely successful.

There are a myriad of ways to make a living on Gem. Most pilots are honest traders, buying and selling goods from every sector of the system. Other pilots avoid the upfront cost of having to purchase goods and spend their time traveling the space lanes scanning for derelict cargo in space that can be scavenged. Some pilots take a more militant approach to increasing their wealth by taking it from others. While others still like to hide in the shadows, scanning and hacking ships for information, dealing in intelligence and intrigue.

The Lore

Gemini Station was constructed in 2709 to serve as central trade hub within the solar system. With trade between Earth and the Mars colony finally normalizing following a bloody civil war, both locations wanted a neutral central location from which to conduct trade.

Shortly after the station’s completion, the Terran and Martian trade routes to Gem expanded to include Jupiter’s gas harvesting industry, Mercury’s solar farms, as well as the ice mines on distant Eris.

While Earth and Mars might not be at war anymore, they still hate each other. Mars doesn’t take kindly to pilots assisting Earth ships and vice versa. The Terrans are convinced Mars will attack them again, so they spend all available research and development into defensive ship mods. Mars, on the other hand continues to further their offensive mod research.

But when mysterious energy readings begin to appear throughout the system. Every faction must put aside their differences and work together to discover the source of this new threat.


As a free game, Gemini Station is run 100% by player support. The purchase of supply crates cover server costs, game maintenance, advertising, and development of future content.

Some Background

The game was/is developed, programmed and supported by: Noresist. A full-time web developer by day, Nor built Gemini Station over the course of a year with the desire to create a free, casual, community-based game that stood apart from countless pay-to-win games out there.

Since Gem's launch on January 1, 2020, several other people have jumped in to help support Nor's vision of a fun, free game devoid of pay-to-win mechanics. From Banri's efforts of spearheading the wiki to the Discord and in-game moderators: Septimus, Bones, CodenameSparks, Lancer, and Haggis helping maintain a positive community for players of all ages, ranging from middle schoolers to old guys like Phayz.

Why Support Gem?

Supporting Gem covers the cost of

  • The dedicated server
  • Art and Illustration costs.
  • Advertising
  • Maintenance

Nor's end goal is not only to be able to develop Gem full-time, but to be able to hire other writers, artists, and developers to help with debugging and rolling out more content and updates.

Becoming a Supporter

Unlocking supporter status is done by opening a Supply Crate. Supply crates can be purchased in-game for $5USD here or from other players in the auction house on Gemini Station. Once open, your account will have supporter status for 30 days.

Supporter Benefits

In addition to being awesome and supporting the Gemini Station community, supporters receive the following in-game perks:

Supercharged Fuel Cells

Each time a create is opened, the pilot will receive between 1-5 Supercharged Fuel Cells. These fuel cells can be used restore your ship's energy and processor power, or can be sold on the auction house to other players.

Direct Travel

If a player without direct travel is on Earth and they want to fly to Mars, they'll need to return to Gemini Station before they can fly to another destination. With direct travel, you can fly directly to any location in the system. Your overall travel time is the same, but it saves you from having to set course a second time.

Outlands Course Plotter

Supporters can plot multiple jumps between nodes while exploring the Outlands at level 60––it'll make sense when you get there ;)


Opened supply crates net anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000

Energy & Processor Refill

Opened crates restore +100 energy and processor power.

Supply Crates can be purchased here: buy

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